Paris Brass Band is an association and all the musicians that are taking part of the adventure are volunteers. Thus, we elaborated different offers in order to share our passion for music and also to help us financially to continue with our projects in France and abroad.

Our offers are the following:

  • Paris Brass Band Concert: A 2 hour-long concert with intermission, composed of original pieces, pieces with soloists and transcriptions from symphonic masterpieces.
  • Concert and Master Class: Meet principle players from the band during a work session organized with the hosting society or institution whom members can participate to workshops and open discussions. A short piece can be rehearse with the director in order to be played during the concert organized with the Paris Brass Band.
  • Meet-up Concert: An interactive general rehearsal to expose brass band practice to students or simply music lovers. During the session, the different instruments will be presented, the pieces to be interpreted during the concert are commented and the rehearsal practice is explained.

So you can find here our official brochure and our official logos:

Contact :

  • Christine Rolland (Présidente) : / 0608111640