Hypercube, our last CD, is finally out!

We recorded it last year and it is finally out: here comes “Hypercube”! In a few days, it’ll be available and you’ll be able to listen to our main pieces for the last two seasons. This work is representative of important projetcs for us, with incredible people. So we hope you’ll enjoy it has much as we enjoyed recording it.

You’ll find pieces from Oliver Waespi with our hit now, Hypercube, as well as pieces of Olivier Calmel that worked with us during the last two seasons and the finally the great work from Thierry Deleruyelle that gave hard work to all the best brass bands in 2016 for the EBBC in Lille.

The CD will be available for purchase on our website, as well as during our shows in France and Europe.

1- Intrada, Oliver Waespi (9:24)
2- Hypercube, Oliver Waespi (18:30)
3- Vivre, Olivier Calmel (4:59)
4- Fraternity, Thierry Deleruyelle (17:11)
5- Katoomba Overture, Olivier Calmel (4:59)

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