Collaboration with Oliver Waespi

We announced at the beginning of this new season that it would be exciting and exceptional for the Paris Brass Band. Beside the next events with French Championship (16th and 17th of January 2016 in Lille), European Championship (29th and 30rd of April 2016, for the first time in France, and in Lille as well), and our collaboration with composer Olivier Calmel, we will have the privilege to work with Oliver Waespi for the creation of a new piece for Brass Band.

Oliver Waespi was recently nominated to create the test piece for the World Championship that will ne held by the Netherlands in 2017 (4barsrest). Marc, our reporter, will propose an interview of him for the beginning of 2016. 


The piece was ordered by the Paris Brass Band and ADIAM94, in collaboration with Conseil Départemental du Val de Marne and DRAC Ile de France. Jouant sur les sonorités chaudes et puissantes de l’ensemble, cette composition présente une vision à la fois urbaine et lyrique de la musique de brass band. Le compositeur partage ainsi des thèmes inspirés du jazz, voir du modern jazz, tout en mettant en valeur les solistes de notre ensemble.Playing on the warm and powerful sound of the band, this piece shows a vision as urban as lyrical of brass band music. The composer proposes themes inspired by jazz and funk music and great lines for our soloists.

The project includes a collaboration with schools as well : the piece will be created on January 11th and the all day will be about brass band music. The morning, a public rehearsal will be organized for schools  and a master class will be held by the Conservatoire for composition and musical writing students. The day will be concluded by the creation of the piece during the concert on the evening.

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